Are endota products CERTIFIED ORGANIC?

The endota Organics™ range, including our Nurture products for Mother and Baby, is certified to the COSMOS standard through the ACO (Australian Certified Organic) certification no. 11858.

COSMOS (COSMetics Organic and Natural Standard) is an international standard that defines the formulation requirements of skin care claiming natural or organic status. It is specific to the cosmetics category. The Standard covers all aspects of the sourcing, manufacture, marketing and control of cosmetic products.

Within our endota Organics™ range, we have a mix of certified organic and certified natural products.

What does this mean?

In simple terms, a product that is rated as COSMOS ‘Certified Natural’ has no requirements for the ingredients to be certified organic. However, COSMOS ‘Certified Organic’ does.

The COSMOS certified Natural logo will appear on products that are made up of ingredients that are of 'natural' origin but are not certified as organic. All the ingredients must still pass strict requirements and be assessed against criteria to be allowed.

The COSMOS certified Organic logo will appear on products for which the majority (95%) of ingredients, are certified organic – from seed to sale. This means the growing and processing of these ingredients have been annually audited.

What are the ingredients you are talking about?

Under the COSMOS standard, there are 5 kinds of ingredients that can appear in a cosmetic formula:

  • Water - The water used must comply with hygienic standards.
  • Minerals and ingredients of mineral origin - eg. Charcoal, Oxides etc.
  • Physically Processed Agricultural Ingredients (PPAI) - eg. Aloe Vera Juice, Rosehip Oil, Amla Berry etc.
  • Chemically Processed Agricultural Ingredients (CPAI) - eg. Xanthan Gum, Carrageenan, Cetearyl Alcohol etc.
  • Other ingredients - eg. Benzyl Alcohol and Dehydroacetic Acid (preservatives) etc.
So, what is the difference between Certified Organic and Certified Natural again?

For a product to be 'Certified Organic', two things need to happen:

  • At least 95% of the PPAI need to be organic; and
  • At least 20% of the overall product need to be organic.

For a product to be ‘Certified Natural’:

  • It does not need to contain any minimum certified organic ingredients.
  • The important thing, is that all of the ingredients are naturally derived (according to the strict requirements set by COSMOS that we’ve mentioned above).
What is banned from these products?

Both ‘Certified Natural’ and ‘Certified Organic’ products contain no Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), nano materials and irradiation. Neither are they tested on animals. COSMOS also has stricter environmental packaging requirements than other certification schemes. PVC and polystyrene are prohibited.

Are the Nurture products CERTIFIED ORGANIC?

Most products in the Nurture range are Certified Organic. The Gentle Baby Lotion is the only exception, and it is certified natural.

Can endota Organic Nurture products be used on pregnant women, babies and infants?

The endota Organics Nurture range was specifically formulated for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, and babies and infants. We acknowledge that not all skin types are the same, and even with organic and natural ingredients, some individuals may experience some skin irritation. As with any product you try for the first time, discontinue use if you experience discomfort or other indications that the product may not be appropriate for you or your baby’s skin.

Are your products tested on animals?

As mentioned above, the ACO COSMOS organic (www.aco.net.au) certification prohibits any product testing or for animal ingredients to be used. endota spa is a certified cruelty free company.

Is endota packaging recyclable?

All endota's packaging is recyclable. To get approval for our Certified Organic products, we adhere to the ACO/COSMOS guidelines in relation to packaging. You will notice that most of our packaging feature the recycling symbol on the bottom.

Where can I find a list of endota product ingredients?

All product descriptions on our website include a full ingredients list. Additionally, all endota products have all ingredients printed on the back of the packaging.

What is the expiry date for endota Organics products?

All products have a guaranteed shelf-life of 12-24 months unopened, and 6 -12 months opened. For your ongoing reference, look for the X symbol on all products, to confirm the suggested shelf life.