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New Age™ Customised Facial | 60min

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Feel calm and revitalised with a beautiful, healthy glow.

This high performance facial is the ultimate customised treatment to relax, replenish and deeply rejuvenate. Your endota therapist will begin by conducting an assessment to establish your skin needs and recommend the right facial to address your specific concerns. During your facial Potent active ingredients are infused into the skin to help correct and transform imperfections, delivered via our high performance endota New Age™ professional skincare range. Your complexion will feel silky smooth and plump with a more youthful appearance. Maintain results post-treatment with a facial treatment plan and your take-home prescription.

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Our Customised Facial will address your skin’s individual needs including pigmentation, premature ageing, congestion and dehydration. During this treatment, our professional therapists will analyse your skin using BT Analyse tool to assess water content and hydration levels, and will treat your complexion with the most effective combination of endota New Age™ formulations to nourish and visibly improve the skin’s appearance. Along with a stress-relieving foot and scalp massage, this treatment is your all-in-one relaxation experience that gets results. 


Surrender | 60min

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You’ll emerge feeling serene and recharged with your skin luxuriously nourished. Your complexion will appear smooth and quenched with a calm, radiant finish.

This signature massage and facial experience will restore balance to body and mind through a relaxing massage, uplifting your senses and easing tensions. Our facial treatment includes a massage performed with jade vitality rollers, infusing active botanicals and antioxidants into the skin to boost hydration.

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Surrender to relaxation and aromatic bliss in this experience combining elements of our two signature treatments – Organic Relax and Organic Infusion Facial – in one visit. Feel renewed with a body massage using a sequence of soothing strokes, and warm jade stones to centre and ground. A scalp and facial massage follows – the finishing touch to refresh the face and de-stress the mind – leaving you with a tranquil, inner glow.


Organic Infusion Facial | 60min

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You’ll feel relaxed and revitalised, with a more youthful, radiant appearance.

Organic Infusion Facial is designed to de-stress the body and deeply replenish your complexion. Packed with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, our potent organic formulations quench and provide intense nourishment. Healthy pH levels are also encouraged by repairing the skin’s natural defence barrier. The use of jade facial rollers helps improve circulation and lymphatic drainage, promoting a clear, more balanced complexion. Overall, a smooth, glowing look is achieved.

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This signature facial uses the endota Organics™ skincare range to awaken the senses and deliver a super-boost of hydration. Our formulations are organic certified (COSMOS and ACO), all natural and include extracts derived from potent Australian native ingredients. A facial massage with our luxurious jade rollers will infuse pure, active botanicals into the skin and induce a feeling of calm. Finishing with a soothing foot and scalp massage, this treatment will leave you feeling serene with skin perfectly hydrated.


Organic Express | 30min

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You’ll feel renewed and revitalised with that healthy endota glow.

Our powerful infusion of active botanicals and antioxidants boosts hydration levels and nourishes the complexion – so dull parched skin will receive the instant pick-me-up it needs. A facial massage using jade rollers stimulates lymphatic drainage points, refreshing the face and de-stressing your mind, promoting a calm radiant appearance.

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For those short on time, this express version of our signature facial uses the endota Organics™ skincare range to soothe the senses and quench the skin. Our products are organic certified (COSMOS and ACO) and made from all-natural ingredients, including powerful extracts derived from native Australian botanicals. A facial massage with luxurious jade rollers will release tension and help to infuse our pure formulations into the skin. Combined with a relaxing foot massage, you’ll step out 30-minutes later feeling like you’ve enjoyed a quick getaway.


Mom-to-Be Massage | 60min

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Mums-to-be will leave in a state of deep relaxation – feeling calm, fully nurtured and stress-free. You’ll look even more radiant and feel blissfully serene.

This treatment is designed specifically for pregnant women in their second or third trimester. Experience a nurturing massage from the head, neck and décolletage, to shoulders and arms that will soothe your body and relax the mind, while our jade vitality rollers refresh the complexion, infusing our organic formulations to soothe and refresh the skin.

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Let your stresses melt away , offering the perfect balance of relaxation and nurturing for mums-to-be. Unwind with a warm footbath before enjoying a calming massage – from the head, neck and décolletage, to shoulders and arms. A nourishing facial to quench your skin finishes with a replenishing face mask, along with a soothing foot massage.





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