New Age™ Instant Revival Power Mask & Collagen Kit | Review by auuuu


Posted on March 04 2021

New Age™ Instant Revival Power Mask & Collagen Kit | Review by auuuu

Soooo beyond excited to get on this 5 Day Intensive treatment with @endotathailand Pure Collagen Miracle-Kit!

If you know me well enough you would know how hard I love @endotaspa Instant Revival Power Mask. I usually use this mask as a restorative & reparative overnight treatment mask on top of everything for PM routine. And next thing I know I always wake up to zero appearance of pores, tightened & very firming facial skin, wounds & tiny acne that dried up and healed completely, and definitely to younger skin each day when I’m soon reaching my mid-30s. I would say Power Mask is that one thing I can never go wrong with and it apparently makes my skin feel so thoroughly quenched, supremely soft and fully revived! My most fave at the minute indeed.

Now let’s talk about this New Age Pure Collagen Miracle Kit - This is where SHE-BANG skin-plumping protocol starts by utilising the benefits of 100% pure collagen. This serum step treatment is targeting any signs of ageing, fatigued skin and lines & wrinkles within only 5 days! This kit will instantly refines your contours with supercharged anti-wrinkle effects by infusing the skin-sculpting active benefits of pure concentrated collagen alongside potent nutrients, antioxidants and brightening agents. The results are believed to be immediately visible with the signs of ageing minimised and prevented with every application. C’monnnn smooth, plump, glow, and firm complexion.

Khun @ome36 @skinlabthailand told me to try this kit with my fave Power Mask on top and I will be absolutely surprised! Much love krub 💙

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